Scholarships For The Arts LLC created this statement in order to demonstrate our strong commitment to protecting your privacy and securing the information you enter into our systems. In this statement we outline the information gathering and dissemination practices of the website and we describe certain measures we take to help ensure that your information is kept secure and confidential at all times. From time to time we may need to make changes to this statement. We will make reasonable efforts to publish any changes in a timely fashion. Note that the website may contain links to other websites and that we cannot be responsible for the privacy, security policies and practices of those other websites. Note, also, that while we take measures to secure and maintain the confidentiality of information you enter into our systems, we cannot be responsible for the security practices of organizations or individuals with whom you may communicate through the website.

Collected Information

We collect and store on the website certain information about you, including your name, user name, mailing address, phone and fax numbers, school affiliation, group affiliation and email address. You will provide this information yourself as part of the pre-registration and registration processes. During the registration process you will have to provide financial information such as a credit card number, expiration date, three-digit security code, billing address and cardholder name. To properly process your credit card information, we must share your personal and financial information with the merchant bank for authorization and approval. This process is protected by industry standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. We may also obtain information about you from other members or from other sources. Certain pieces of this information, such as your name and school, are considered to be "public." Public information is visible to all members when searching the website. Certain other pieces of information are considered to be "private." Private information may include information specific to an individual user, such as the individual's address and credit card information or any information designated as private. We have taken measures to ensure that private information is visible only to the specific user providing the information, unless the member elects to make such information public. Private information is also visible to certain staff members in order to provide user support. All information contained on the website is stored by for the legitimate business purposes of our members, as consistent with the User Agreement. We may also use this information ourselves from time to time to contact members or other organizations in order to provide support or other information about Scholarships For The Arts LLC and the website. If you are a visitor from outside the United States, please be advised that the personal information you provide may be transferred to, stored and processed within the United States.

Communication between Members and Other Organizations

The system allows you to send certain messages, such as ratings and reviews of other members. Certain information about these messages, such as the sender and recipient, as well as the content of the message, is stored on the system. We have taken measures to ensure that such messages are visible only to those who have agreed to deliver and receive such messages, as well as to support staff when appropriate.

Collection of Other Information

We routinely collect certain pieces of technical information about our users, such as the IP address of users' computers and users' browser versions. We use this information only to assist with diagnosing technical problems and to maintain and improve the quality of our services and the efficiency of our systems.


The website uses "cookies," which are small data elements sent to your Web browser. Cookies are used as part of our security system to verify your identity while you move around the website. Cookies sent by the system are deleted from your computer when you close your Web browser. does not use cookies to trace users' movements on other websites.

Security Measures

We have implemented numerous security measures to minimize the risk of loss, misuse or alteration of any information under our control. Confidential information entered on the website is secured by password protection, encryption and internal processes. All users are required to enter a valid user ID and password before being granted access to the website. Passwords are stored in an encrypted state on the website.

California Residents: Your California Privacy Rights

Under California law, our customers who are California residents may request certain information regarding our disclosures of personal information to third parties for direct marketing purposes. As detailed above, we do not share our customers' personal information with unaffiliated third parties for direct marketing purposes without customer approval. If at any time you wish to opt out of having your personal information shared with third parties and/or receiving information from (via email or postal mail) about new products, services or promotions, you can do so. You may contact us at the address given below.

Contacting Scholarships For The Arts LLC

If you have any questions relating to privacy and security at, please contact us at:

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